What's goin' on here

Believe me when I say there is nothing we like more than tooting our own horns (beep beep). That being said, we have our hands in a lot of cookie jars with the launch of this magnificent product, so we are going to take the lazy route and just give you what is on the back of the bag for now. I promise we will re-visit this as soon as possible and commence the tooting. Without further ado....

You are awesome. Awesome people deserve an awesome snack. Tired of the overly processed, waxy jerky that seems to be sitting next to every cash register in America? So was Jordinski. Luckily for you, Jordinski is a problem solver and you are holding the solution in your awesome little hands. What we do is amazingly simple:

Use only sustainably raised Indiana beef.

Minimally process it. 

Add some spices.

That’s it. Everything is done by hand and made to order to guarantee maximum freshness and flavor. Our product actually looks like meat because that’s what it is. No artificial ingredients. No preservatives. Our belief is that a good jerky is one that tastes like meat and gives you something to chew on. Someone of your caliber needs protein, and lots of it. This has it, and is much easier than catching a salmon with your shoelace and an old Mötley Crüe keychain. So, go ahead and tear into this 3 ounces of the cat’s pajamas. If your cat doesn’t have pajamas, buy it some. We hope you enjoy it so much you tell all of your friends (even the lame ones).